Bye Bye Buckles! But it’s Still Boom Time for G4S

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Not Music

Scriptonite Daily


Nick Buckles, the beleaguered Chief Executive of private security giant G4S finally quit today, following a series of cock ups.  The final straw was the discovery of overcharging for security tagging contracts with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) which has cost the tax payer millions. However, G4S were simultaneously awarded contracts to build and run several prisons by the MoJ.  So while Buckles departs to enjoy his taxpayer funded nest egg, G4S continues to profit at our expense.

We Outsourced Justice to G4S


In 1992, G4S became the first private contractor to run a state prison – taking over HM Prison Wolds.  Since then G4S have been allowed, by successive governments, to quietly buy up large tracts of our formerly public police, security and justice sector.

It is increasingly likely that if someone commits a crime in the UK they will be arrested by a G4S…

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